Prosecution case unfolds at Leplat murder trial

The murder trial of Louis Leplat of Bishop continues in Ventura County Court. Inyo District Attorney Art Maillet is presentingleplatcloseup his case. Public defender Neil Quinn may start the defense case next week.

According to court records, these witnesses have taken the stand for the prosecution: Steve and Stephanie Rennie, Nate Girardin, Tim Winkler, David Andreas, Katherine Jones, Carrie Jones, Verly Talas, Felis Landa and Melissa Shanks. Dr. Helena Black was called as a witness for both the prosecution and the defense. Dr. Black was the emergency room physician the night the murder victim, James Rambeau, was rushed to the hospital. He died there from stab wounds.

Verly Talas was asked to identify the defendant, among other questions. According to court records, Talas did ID Leplat. Defense attorney Quinn asked the court to order Talas not to talk to anyone about her testimony. The Judge denied that request but did say Talas should only speak to the district attorney or defense attorney.

The stabbing death of James Rambeau, 22, took place at a home on the Bishop Indian Reservation nearly two years ago. Leplat remains in custody in the Ventura County jail during the trial. Court records say his bail is set at $10,000,000.

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