Date: September 09, 2023

Inyo County, California – On September 4, 2023, professionalism and caution were the cornerstones of a remarkable display of law enforcement as Inyo County Sheriff Deputies, backed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, responded to a report of an armed suspect at a local Rite Aid. This incident, witnessed by Jason Brown, serves as a testament to the dedication and competence of our local law enforcement agencies.

The call came in on a seemingly ordinary Sunday afternoon when Inyo County Sheriff Deputies received reports of a disturbance at the Rite Aid store, involving an unknown individual suspected of carrying a handgun. Employees on scene commented that they were in fear for their lives. One cashier had the gun pointed directly at him.

Their first challenge was to locate the suspect, primarily relying on a clothing description provided by employee witnesses. Inyo County Sheriff Deputies swiftly identified and detained the suspect, later identified as Ryan Barr. This initial interaction was carried out calmly and efficiently, minimizing any potential risks to the public.

As the investigation unfolded, Inyo County Sheriff Deputies established probable cause for the arrest of Ryan Barr, charging him with brandishing a firearm in a threatening manner. The deputies also uncovered evidence of shoplifting, further complicating the case. Their meticulous approach to gathering evidence and their unwavering commitment to upholding the law demonstrated their dedication to public safety.

Notably, items that had been reported missing from the store were discovered in the vicinity, bolstering the accusations against Barr. His confession to shoplifting further solidified the charges. Following the thorough investigation, Ryan Barr was transported and booked on charges of CPC-417(A)(2)(A) for brandishing a firearm in a threatening manner and CPC-459.5(A) for shoplifting. This was a clear example of justice being served, thanks to the professionalism and caution exercised by Inyo County Sheriff Deputies.

What makes this incident even more commendable is the collaborative effort between Inyo County Sheriff’s Deputies and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The presence of wildlife officers provided additional support, showcasing the importance of interagency coordination when dealing with potentially dangerous situations. Their seamless cooperation ensured a safe and efficient resolution to the incident.

Jason Brown, a witness to this incident, expressed his gratitude for the deputies’ composed and professional demeanor. “I was thoroughly impressed by how the deputies handled the situation. Their caution and professionalism were evident, and it gave me confidence that the situation was under control.”

In conclusion, the events of September 4, 2023, at the Rite Aid store in Inyo County underscore the significance of professionalism and caution in law enforcement. The response by Inyo County Sheriff Deputies, backed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, serves as a shining example of how these attributes can ensure the safety of the community. This incident reminds us all of the dedication and competence of our local law enforcement agencies in maintaining peace and security in our communities. Well done Inyo County Sheriff Department and California Fish and Wildlife.

As it turns out the weapon that was brandished was just a pellet gun.