Pro Surfer Charged in Mammoth Assault Case

Professional surfer Christopher Ward appeared in Mono County court this week. Ward was arrested January 8th at about 2:00 in the morning for multiple assaults.

At the time of the incident police reported witnesses said that Ward had threatened a woman with a chunk of ice. Three other women tried to stop the suspect, when Ward allegedly started to beat them with his fists, according to Mammoth Police Sergeant Paul Dostie.

The three women were taken to Mammoth Hospital and released, police say. Dostie explained that officers found Ward lying on the ground outside of the bar, apparently beaten by additional unknown male suspects. Ward was taken to the hospital and later arrested.

Todd Graham, Assistant District Attorney for Mono County reports that Ward appeared in court this week, where he was arraigned on 3 counts of assault.

With a late night alcohol related incident, Graham said that additional investigations were done before the arraignment this week.

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