bpdUpdate: Embezzlement of Funds from Inyo-Mono Body Shop of Bishop

On April 25, 2013 the Bishop Police Department initiated an investigation into the suspected embezzlement of funds from the Inyo-Mono Body Shop, 387 N. Warren St., Bishop.  To date, Investigators have conducted numerous interviews and served several search warrants for records going as far back as 2005.

We have determined that a substantial amount of monies were embezzled over a period of years.  Our investigation has since focused on Dolores Kay Marsh, a former employee, as the primary person of interest.  At this point, we’re trying to determine not only how much was stolen, but also at what time was it taken and where did the money go.

Financial crimes of this nature are extremely complex and require a line-by-line examination of funds flowing through the business.  Every stone we turn over tends to reveal other stones so we have to take the investigation where it leads us.

We have a responsibility to be thorough in determining the loss and the potential array of crimes committed.  We also have a responsibility to ensure that anyone who may have been involved or knowingly benefited from the theft is also held accountable.   We are continuing to conduct interviews and examine records in an attempt to conclude this investigation and to identify or eliminate other potential suspects.

Throughout the investigation we have maintained contact with the victims to help them understand the amount of time involved and to assure them that we’re continuing to pursue it to conclusion.  Additional information will be released at the appropriate time as the investigation continues.

Chief C. Carter

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