Press Release Issued by Bishop Police Chief on Chevron Station Incident

Press Release from Bishop Police Department

Citizens of Bishop and the surrounding community, many of you are aware of and have viewed a video of a use of force incident that occurred in recent days involving an allied agency, not the Bishop Police Department. While many questions remain as to the circumstances surrounding this event, I want to assure you that the staff of your police department stand at the ready to provide the service you require and need.
As your Chief of Police, I ask for your patience in this matter as the allied agency conducts their investigation.
In the interest of community unity, I have directed that the original post be removed from social media. As your Chief of Police, I take all matters of this magnitude seriously and believe we truly cannot function without your support and public trust. Those are things which I value and hold dear.
So, in closing, I am asking for patience as this event unfolds and is investigated by the allied agency. I want to thank everyone for your understanding in this difficult matter. If there are any questions, or concerns related to the Bishop Police Department policies related to the Use of Force, please feel free to reach out to me at the police department, or via email [email protected]
Chief Richard Standridge

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Rick O'Brien
Rick O'Brien
1 year ago

Chief , even though your department and officer had a minimal amount of involvement in this situation , it stands to reason that Bishop PD and Inyo SD cannot be totally unbiased when investigating their own people . Nor can the DA be 100% objective to officers and deputies who… Read more »