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Very preliminary results in what seems like the longest election season, ever, are in for Inyo and
Mono Counties. With less than 40-percent of the total votes tallied by midnight Tuesday, the
final results will be tallied and certified within the next two weeks, according to Mono County’s
Registrar of Voters office. Inyo County’s Registrar of Voters website indicated its results
included vote by mail ballots received before November 8.

District 3 House of Representative: Democrat Kermit Jones has a 3-percent lead over
Republican Kevin Kiley, district wide. Inyo and Mono counties split on the ballot with Inyo
handing Kiley 50 more votes than Jones balanced by Mono County indicating a strong
preference for Jones.

Inyo County Preliminary Results
Board of Supervisors, District 1: Trina Orrill leads Jeff Gabriel by 10-percent with 473 votes to
Gabriel’s 381.
Board of Supervisors, District 3: Kody Jaeger has a less than 1-percent lead over Scott
Sheriff: Stephanie Rennie has a 3.5-percent lead over Eric Pritchard. The two were divided by
121 votes with 36-percent of the votes counted.

Inyo County School Districts, Preliminary Results
Big Pine: Kami Bayer leads with 33-percent of the votes; Adelina Rico at 31-percent; Alfred
Patterson, 22-percent and Angela Eddy with 13.5-percent. The top two candidates will be
seated on the board.

Bishop: With three seats to fill, Claudia Moya-Tanner has a slim lead with 18-percent of the
votes counted to date followed by Virginia Figueroa at 15.8-percent, Josh Nicholson at 13.9-
percent and Jamie Morley at 13-percent.

Lone Pine: Scott Kemp leads the pack with 27.5-percent of the votes followed by Rachel
Yourgules at 21.6-percent; Krista McKray-Sullivan at 19.5-percent; Leigh Miller, 18.5-percent
and Scott Allen at 12.8-percent. The school district has three seats to fill.

Measure Q, Inyo County’s Equal Share Act that would levy Transient Occupancy Taxes on
campgrounds is struggling with the “no” votes at 51.9-percent of the total.

Mono County voters made two major decisions during the June primary: Supervisor Jennifer
Kreitz and Sheriff Ingrid Braun were unchallenged and far ahead of the challenger, respectively.
Linda Salcido clobbered the opposition, 297 to 57.

Mammoth Town Council has three open seats. Chris Bubser leads the pack with 489 votes,
22.46-percent of the total followed by Amanda Rice with 447 (20.5-percent); John Wentworth
has a 6-vote lead (19.7-percent) over Elizabeth Truax (19.43-percent). Cleland Hoff (11.35-
percent) and Steve Guthrie (6.25-percent) round out the field.

Sierra Wave will keep an eye on Inyo and Mono County election results over the next two
weeks and post any significant changes.

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