With gas prices unfriendly, public transportation looks more attractive to more people. As we had earlier reported, Eastern Sierra Transit ridership has gone up, in spite of a fare increase. In Mammoth Lakes, officials talked this week about transit.

The news – Mammoth town transit ridership continues to go up. According to the Town, in March, the dinner trolley carried 11,698 passengers, the Dial-a-Ride carried 3,452 and the Winter Lift bus- 5,148. Rides for March totaled 20,492 riders which was up 8% over February.

Summer months seem to hit highest for ridership in Mammoth. Last July saw almost 35,000 riding public transit. This summer, service is expected to continue as it has. Public Works Director Ray Jarvis said that MMSA will wrap up bus service at the end of this month and the Town will take over, making it a seamless transition. That’s the plan.

Jarvis said that Eastern Sierra Transit Authority is working on a short-range transit plan, which includes Mammoth and the Owens Valley. New ESTA Director John Helm said an outside consultant will work up the plan with insights and direction. Mammoth also has a 5-oyear capital improvement program that includes 8 or 10 projects in various stages.

Trolleys remain very popular with visitors, and the regular route buses as well as Crest buses fill transit needs for a growing number of locals.

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