Police Focus on Bank Robbery Suspects

Who robbed Chase Bank in Bishop? Police do not know for sure, but they suspect the man had experience with banks or a prior history of robbery.


Bishop Police Lieutenant Chris Carter said the robber was “pretty smooth and seemed to know about bank operations.” Carter said the suspect walked in at closing time, showed the bank teller a note that this was a robbery. He then lifted his shirt and showed the teller a gun in his waistband. He took the note with him.

Carter said the suspect kept his head down which somewhat protected him from the surveillance camera, and he remained pretty calm, the lieutenant said. Police believe the robber either researched this job or had robbed banks before.


At the Bishop City Council meeting, Chief Kathleen Sheehan said that police have four potential suspects. The Chief asked that if anyone saw a car speeding away from the bank last Wednesday, they should report it. She asked the public for any possible information.


Lieutenant Carter added that bank procedures determined by safety requirements did cause a delay in reporting the robbery to police. Chief Sheehan said officers did respond to Chase Bank once they got the call in under one minute.


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