Police Continue Robbery Investigation and Seek Public Help

An image that came directly from the Chase Bank Security Department back East shows the most full-face shot of the man who robbed the Bishop branch of Chase, formerly Washington Mutual Bank.

Police have not yet confirmed how much cash the robber took or what kind of gun he used, but they did indicate that he was armed. The image obtained from Chase could help identify the robber, particularly if he lives locally. Bishop Police Lieutenant Chris Carter had also said that police contacted the FBI to compare what he called “similars” – robberies with similar methods of operation.

The man in the security photo had reportedly walked into Chase Bank Wednesday just after 6pm. Sheriff Bill Lutze said that he was armed with a gun, went to a teller’s station and demanded money. The suspect then fled down Main St. It is unknown if he had a car waiting for his escape.

Police and Sheriff’s deputies responded immediately to the call from the bank. Officers scoured the area with security images of the suspect. Citizens who heard about the robbery on their police scanners called in some possible sitings of the suspect. So far, nothing panned out.

Police do ask if you know the man in the security image, call them at 760-873-5866.


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