Police arrest local man on suspicion of theft


A bishop man allegedly stole from Dwayne's twice in three days.

Bishop Police have arrested a local man on suspicion of stealing merchandise from Dwayne’s Pharmacy on West Line St.  One of the stolen items was Coricidin cough syrup.

Bishop Police Lieutenant Fred Gomez said that the Police Department received a call from Dwayne’s close to noon on Thursday.  The caller reported that a man entered the store, took merchandise, was confronted by employees, and then fled after having dropped merchandise to the ground.

Police said a witness saw what had taken place and followed the suspect.  The witness called the Bishop Police Department and told them of the suspect’s location.

As a result, police arrested Steven M. Auringer, 43, of  Bishop.  Officers allege that this was the second time Mr. Auringer stole items from Dwayne’s in the last three days.  Lt. Gomez said that this case remains under investigation.

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Big Rick O'Brien
Big Rick O'Brien
11 years ago

Stealing (shoplifting) cough medicine does not equate to robbery. At most, they could charge him with burglary if they can prove he planned to steal when he entered the store (they would have to prove he had no money). If he was stealing medicine for a sick person because he… Read more »

Benett Kessler
Benett Kessler
11 years ago

Big Rick,
I think you’re right. Robbery implies use of force or threat. We may learn more soon. BPD plans to issue
a press release.
Benett Kessler