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This coming Sunday, October 16, The Imagination Lab will host the writer, Karen Yarnall, who will share some of her recent poems and prose. Karen’s writings are powerful–sometimes funny and sometimes not!

Karen Yarnall

Karen Yarnall

She’s a Bishopite who’s been part of the Eastside Writing Circle since it formed well over a year ago. Below are Karen’s own words about the Circle and how it’s been meaningful to her. Don’t miss Karen’s sharing! 3 p.m. at The Lab, 621 West Line Street, Suite 204. Free. Refreshments. Donations accepted for The Writers Actors Guild. Call for more information.

“Words are what I like to work with to help me make a little more sense out of the flurry of days. I want so badly for there to be a really good reason for all things. Someone said “borrow all the brains you can” and that’s why I participate in Eastside Writing Circle. Life is ultimately a very personal journey but learning about other people’s lives and dreams during sharing time lends healthy perspective and encourages me immensely. Writing helps me enter into and experience life more fully. Pushing thoughts through pen onto paper is somehow the mechanism for straightening out my tangles, sorting through options, finding out what really matters to me.”

Drizzle, Pizzle

Not much moisture here in the desert.

We watch things wet like thirsty beggars.

The plants and trees stick out their tongues;

Stretching petals, stems and limbs.

I’m sure I see them bending, cupping,

Working together to share the spilling.

Drizzle, pizzle, thrizzle, drip;

The rain, it spits and then it quits.

Barely satisfied, we hold our breath

For maybe just one more little splish.

Karen Yarnall, 2016

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