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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





Every spring the question starts to circulate- when will Tioga Pass open?

National Park Service crews plowing from the west side of the Sierra through Yosemite started plowing in April. Caltrans crews had plowed all the way to the pass and opened the road to skiers and early season anglers. The recent snowfall had shut that mountain access point down, but the road has since been re-opened all the way to the pass in case you want to head that way this weekend.

With more snow and more road to be plowed, plus avalanche danger at Olmstead Point, the west side of highway 120 takes longer to clear than the east approach to the pass. At last word, park officials reported that crews had plowed out 33 miles of road past the gas station at Crane Flat. The average snow depth was listed at 3 and a half feet.

Crews had also plowed through Tioga pass from the east, but the Tioga Pass webcam shows that their work was filled in by the recent storms. As in past years, park officials will not make a public prediction as to when the road will open, but everyone else is free take a guess.