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Jim Lambert is a beloved local Eastern Sierra resident fighting cancer.”

We often talk about how, here in the Eastern Sierra, we look out for and take care of our friends and neighbors. We don’t have to personally know them to want to help. This is just one such case that should have our attention. Jim Lambert, a friend of many, a neighbor, and a local musician and his family, could use a little help with fighting the “Big C.”

Let’s support this local treasure. (Excerpts From the GoFundMe Page)  Please Help Jim Lambert Fight Cancer:

In June 2019, beloved Eastern Sierra local, Jim Lambert got the news we all dread to hear… a biopsy in his neck showed a serious malignancy. Jim’s life was thrown into a tailspin as he immediately underwent an extensive 13-hour surgery involving tumor removal, facial nerve dissection, artery reconstruction, and a platinum eye weight.

Jim suffered from acinic cell carcinoma, a rare form of salivary gland cancer. As his friends will say, “Not only is Jim a musical wizard, but he is also a master at fixing things, with a knack for problem-solving”. So, it was natural that he would face this serious cancer diagnosis with his typical and resourceful Mr. Fix-it attitude. In the beginning, he had absolute confidence that he could “fix” this and fix it fast.

In spite of Jim’s diligence with protocol, and strictly adhering to recommended treatments, the cancer has advanced and has now metastasized to his lymph and bones. His treatment requires significant travel, financial drain, and much needed down time for recovery. He has been unable to work for months.

His wife, Lina, is his biggest cheerleader and advocate. She juggles her time between caregiving for Jim and working part-time in the field of real estate…There are extensive out-of-pocket medical costs, medications, supplements, and out-of-town lodging for long-distance appointments. While Jim has good health Insurance, there are expensive co-pays and constant denials of coverage. The adjunct treatment options that have undeniably helped Jim are simply not covered.

Jim Lambert Good Livin Band

“It is time for a ‘Jimiracle,'” and a miracle might be what it takes to see and hear Jim Lambert on the stage again with the Good Livin’ Band.

Jim has been quietly and diligently dealing with his diagnosis for over 18 months.  In the face of all of this heartbreaking hardship, and with the untimely COVID pandemic, Jim and Lina have been motivated to keep their home an uplifting place of healing, laughter, and love. They’ve been really good at keeping their friends and family updated and included throughout the twists and turns of Jim’s journey. They have been determined to keep up with the aggressive protocol of traditional and holistic treatments on their own, and truly are the last people to ask for financial assistance. However, it has become obvious to us that they are reaching a breaking point financially, emotionally, and physically. Friends…Jim and Lina Lambert could really use our help.

Lambert’s friends have set up a GoFundMe account so Jim can keep utilizing every means available to get the cancer under control and into a maintenance phase. Their personal resources have been exhausted and financial options drained. Jim has so much more life to live, songs to sing, and goodness to share. Funds will help Jim to keep seeking the right combination of treatment for a victory over this disease. His wife, Lina, says “it is time for a Jimiracle”, and a miracle might be what it takes to see and hear Jim Lambert on the stage again.

Jim is a musical Rockstar. With his favorite guitar and his booming voice, he has entertained and delighted many with his impersonations of Neil Diamond, Van Morrison, Garth Brooks, Tom Petty, Neil Young and other superstars. Jim’s musical hero is John Lennon, and he has often given many of us goosebumps with his version of “Imagine”. It is our time to reach out to Jim and let him imagine what it is like to be supported, appreciated, loved, and helped in his time of trouble.

Visit the Please Help Jim Lambert Fight Cancer for more about this astounding local treasure and donate to help out the family with the fight alongside him.


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