A plea to help Southern Inyo Hospital

Press release

Southern Inyo Hospital deserves and needs our continued support. Southern Inyo is the only hospital in California to close and then “come back to life”.

The hospital is still on life support and needs TLC from the community it so proudly serves. There are many ways to show you care about maintaining our local healthcare system:

…Use the services offered by the Clinic, Lab, X-ray, Physical Therapy, and the ER

…Drop off magazines, puzzles, games, etc. for the skilled nursing residents

…Volunteer to restart the much needed and valued Auxiliary

…Volunteer to serve as a director of a non-profit hospital foundation

…Attend monthly meetings of the Hospital Board of Directors

…Make a donation to the Activity fund for the Residents of the Skilled Nursing Facility
Dallas Bumpus is currently raising funds for Fourth of July Fireworks

Thank you for taking the time to respond

Call Peggy Whitehair for details and information (760)876-9940



6 Responses to A plea to help Southern Inyo Hospital

  1. Sandra Smith July 2, 2016 at 8:27 am #

    I can tell you as a previous employee of SIH and current property owner in Inyo County I am appalled that taxes are funding HCCA? People of Inyo County may not know that the employees insurance,and yes, the money is taken out of paychecks weekly, was cancelled recently. All employees received a letter from the carrier. Then, the very highly paid HR person had the audacity to send an email out to employees stating there was a misunderstanding with the insurance carrier when all employees are well aware of the situation. The insurance was reinstated after they, HCCA, were called on it and had to make the insurance payment. How long it will go this time is anyone’s guess. Same crap with different faces. So sad the bldg. across the street was sold, but when you do not pay your bills and rent, things happens. One wonders what is going on in Tulare, bigger hospital with bigger population, easier to put spin on crap and lie while sitting in the ivory tower thinking they can BS everyone. This ex-employee notions that needing employees in general and not advertising in any local papers and bringing in their staff from HCCA and Tulare has got to be costing a small fortune for a hospital that can (not) afford it? And just where are those financial experts and staff that HCCA was going to bring over to SIH and get things straightened out, they told everyone at the meetings before they took over they knew what to do which is quite the contrary, one thinks they have had ample time to at least show something. Instead they have the thought that “production” is low and employees may not be giving 100% when the real facts are that it is extremely hot in many areas of the host and staff are working a lot of hours and quite frankly are under stress and tired. But, taking your maintenance manager and working this person in Tulare instead of fixing things at SIH one wonders. Then there are the sign on bonuses for a select few to belong to the HCCA elite group, fly in their plane, rub elbows at both hospitals when the little struggling SIH is footing a lot of the bill. Makes one wonder what the real motives are here?

  2. Susan June 28, 2016 at 10:56 am #

    In reality, the hospital had no reason to shut down in the first place, let alone go bankrupt. Rural hospitals like Lone Pine operate on a very delicate financial balance, state funded insurance and reimbursements is a big part of that. As I have mentioned before, I’ve worked for SIH for many years and seen what happened in late 2015 many times. I have no doubt that left alone, the hospital would be in a much better situation and preparing for the next bump in the road. Instead, SIH is in the worst state its ever been.

    Thanks to the community, the current and past board of directors, they made the decision not to educate themselves and understand facts, rather kill the messenger. The current board has put the hospital in the hands of HCCA, which, in my opinion, has proven to be a mistake. Instead of hitting the bump and moving on, the current board and HCCA (a marketing firm) has steered SIH directly toward a sink hole.

    I understand another hospital has purchased the SIH Clinic property. If I am correct, my advice to them would be: Careful who you get in bed with in this community, the sheets are dirty.

    Many positions here have been filled with previously terminated staff, patient confidentiality will be jeopardized. Ethically, I cannot continue my employment with SIH, I’ll be turning in my resignation soon. Quality of care is very low on the agenda here.

    • Joshua June 28, 2016 at 5:07 pm #

      “Susan” thank you! As a present employee myself, (my name is not what is posted or I’ll be terminated) your words are 100% on the mark. I have heard that they have rehired past employees that have serious violations against them. 1 a manager that was caught consuming alcohol while working, and also was giving free services to friends. 2. They rehired an employee who has a past HIPPA violation, so yes patient information is not safe. 3. A past employee was rehired for a management position, and is not quailified nor certified for the position. Take care “Susan” I will be leaving this mess very soon too.

      • Susan June 29, 2016 at 12:16 pm #

        I know most everyone here feels the same way we do. It’s unfortunate, we are not able to approach the board or management, for fear of termination. I blame the ignorance of the self appointed board and community!

  3. Karen Rotchstein June 24, 2016 at 6:12 am #

    The county operates on lies, excuses and fraud. They don’t need donations. They need education. Let’s have some facts not fiction. Sounds like the hospital is in same state as when it was shut down. Begging is not the way to project confidence.

  4. JB June 23, 2016 at 11:25 am #

    It is not the only hospital in California to do so.


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