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UPDATE: 2-7-13  Tickets for Playhouse 395’s Spring production The Wizard of Oz go on sale Saturday, February 9th at 6:00 am on-line at The Box Office will be open 11-3 Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Inyo Council for the Arts, 137 S. Main, Bishop.

We encourage you to buy tickets early, as there are fewer reserved seats. Playhouse 395 has changed the mix of reserved and general admission seats and established a new pricing structure. When purchasing on-line, look for the box in the upper right corner of the ticketing screen where you will select reserved seats or general admission. There is a “back” button if you change your mind. There are also options for adult, senior and youth pricing. Seniors are over age 64, youth are under 18. Call (760) 920-9100 if you have questions.

Playhouse 395’s new ticket pricing includes senior and youth discounts.

Playhouse 395 is excited to announce new ticket prices for our upcoming Broadway musical The Wizard of Oz at the Dorothy Joseph Auditorium, Bishop Union High School. The new plan will have both reserved seats and open seating with a simplified pricing structure. We hope this will accommodate families, seniors, and those with special needs as well as late-comers. While it may seem confusing at first, with a little patience, patrons will get the seats they want at affordable prices.

Here’s the plan:

Friday and Saturday evening show tickets cost $19.99 or $12, with a $3 discount for youth and seniors. Almost half the seats can be reserved and the rest are open seating, also known as general admission. Show dates are the first three weekends in March.

All Saturday matinee seats are $9.00 with the same reserved and general admission seats as the evening shows. There will be no discounts for matinees.

Four wheelchair and neighboring companion seats are available for $15 each at evening shows and $9 for matinees. To avoid confusion, these seats are only available by calling or visiting the Playhouse 395 Box Office, 137 S. Main St., Bishop; (760)920-9100.  Although the Box Office has limited hours, the phone is answered daily.

Where are these reserved seats, you ask?  The center section, first six rows are Premium Reserved ($19.99). The next five rows are Non-Premium Reserved at $12. In addition, on the east side by the front doors, Row F has Premium Reserved seats.  And, finally, in the balcony, eight seats on either side of the sound booth are Premium Reserved seats.

And, where are the open or general admission seats?

Center section, the last three rows, both side sections and most of the balcony are Non-Reserved open seating at $12. Senior and Youth discounts apply to evening shows.

Who are seniors and youth? Seniors are age 65 and over and Youth are under 18.  You may be asked to show ID at the door, but we’d prefer to trust you.

With tickets to Wizard of Oz going on sale soon, we encourage you check our website regularly at Consider becoming a member at the Lead Role or higher membership level for early bird access to those great reserved seats.  And plan to buy your tickets early to guarantee reserving your favorite seats. No processing fees for on-line credit card memberships or ticket purchases. For more information see our website, like us on Facebook, or call (760)920-9100.

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