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This week on Sierrawave presents we, dabble back into the funny fairytale category with Playhouse 395’s performance of “A Knights Tale” by Monroe Oxley
A Knight’s Tale tells the hilarious story of a quest to save a damsel in distress. The only problem is, the characters continually disrupt the narrator’s attempt to tell the story! Lady Yungwirth is trapped in a tower far away and awaits a knight to save her but soon realizes she really doesn’t need saving. The cast includes an evil sorceress, a beautiful princess, her maid, two goodly knights and a cute fluffy bunny.  How will our narrator keep the story on track?  It may take a bit of sorcery.
A Knight’s tale was performed by local actors with Playhouse 395, A theater company in the Eastern Sierra. This production featured actors, Abby Stoiber, Kenji Kowaguchi, Abbey Gabriel, Martha Reynolds, Layne Deroucher, and Patrick Thompson.
For more from Playhouse 395 see, playhouse395.com.
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