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Eastern Sierra News for June 25, 2024





With two functioning wells working constantly during the summer months, Bishop City staff plans to drill a third production well to boost the town water supply.

City well number one, located behind the police station cant be used anymore because tests showed too much naturally occurring fluoride in the water. With two wells left, the city council recently approved spending $130,000 to dig a test well off Sunland Drive to see if a production well could be installed there.

Bishop Public Works Director David Grah reports that the plan is to have the contractor drill a 500 foot test well to check water quality as well as to find the best location for a production well.

Grah siad that the contractor is expected to start drilling the week of February 25th and within a month or two, the results should be back.

If the tests results are good, the plan would be to spend $1.5-3 million dollars on a production well that would tie into the City water tank near Manor Market.