Pet Skunked? ICARE Responds

De-Skunking Your Pet

by Lisa Schade, ICARE

It’s that time of year again and ICARE has been getting lots of reports from pet owners whose pets are getting “skunked.” skunkWhat is the best way to get that smell out? Forget about tomato juice! Here’s a home-made potion that really works. As with any de-skunker, it’s most effective when applied as soon as possible after skunking occurs. The longer you wait, the more difficult the odor is to remove. Even this killer recipe will only make a dent if you wait 24 hours or more. So, plan ahead and make sure you have the following ingredients on hand in case of a skunk emergency (heaven forbid!). It should be noted that the ingredients cannot be mixed and stored due to a unique chemical reaction.

Skunk Potion

1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide (bubbling action brings skunk odor to surface)

cup baking soda (neutralizes the odor)

1 teaspoon dog shampoo or dish soap (raises hair cuticle, bringing odor to surface)

Combine all ingredients in a bucket. Wear old clothes, rubber gloves so you don’t end up smelling skunky, too. First, soak your dog with warm water, then apply mixture liberally with a sponge taking care to keep out of pet’s eyes. Work solution into the fur and leave on for 3 to 4 minutes. Then finish by rinsing thoroughly. Discard any leftover solution.
This article is presented by ICARE (Inyo County Animal Resources & Education), a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. ICARE’s Spay/Neuter Program provides financial assistance for those who can’t afford to spay or neuter their cats and dogs and promotes the adoption of Shelter animals. You can contact ICARE at 760-872-3802 or P. O. Box 76, Bishop, CA 93515 or visit our web site at:

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