Pet Parade Time

Pets – an endless source of entertainment and fun. We’re going to share more views of our staff’s pets and invite you to send video or DVDs of your pets to show on TV and post on our website, along with a paragraph about why your pet is special.

Here’s my pet cat, Tuxedo. He loves to take naps on my desk at home – which makes it pretty useless as a desk, but it’s a good vantage point for Tux to see out the window, and his cat toy hangs on the desk drawer knob.

Tux kind of likes to be video-taped and photographed, and he particularly loves to sleep and, of course, head to the food dish. His favorite pose is lying on his back, head upside down and paws drawn up. Tail, of course, always moving.

He sees things outside and inside that I just don’t see. What’s up with that? Time for another nap in a different location.

Please send or drop off photos or tape of your pets. KSRW, 1280 N. Main St., Bishop or call Cleland Hoff in Mammoth Lakes, 914-2000. Or email us at [email protected]

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