Firewood for personal use.

BISHOP, CA March 31, 2021—The Inyo National Forest is delaying the personal use fuelwood season until June 1, 2021. The season will be extended, however, through the end of November, weather permitting, and permits will remain the same price.

“As the impacts from COVID-19 continue to be felt across the country, the U.S. Forest Service is committed to providing services on public lands and doing what is possible for those in need,” stated Acting Forest Supervisor Taro Pusina. “This delay is due in part to staffing issues. We extended the fuelwood season, however, so that the overall time period collection is allowed is the same as in year’s past.”

The Inyo National Forest will begin taking requests for fuelwood permits beginning May 1. Information on this process will be forthcoming in a subsequent announcement. Fuelwood permits will still be $15.00 per cord with a two-cord minimum purchase. Each permit request shall include your name, physical address, phone number, driver’s license number and number of cords requested. Permits will be returned to requesters by hardcopy mail. Please expect that it will take 7-10 days to receive your permit. This process is subject to change as conditions change.

Maps showing areas open to cutting will be provided with each purchased fuelwood permit. The Inyo National Forest will continue to institute shut down days (for chainsaw use) based upon the daily Project Activity Level. Permit holders can call (760) 873-2555 for information on activity levels.

The Fuelwood Strategy, developed with public participation in 1998, remains valid and will be implemented this year.  Large ends of all downed logs (those portions greater than 30 inches in diameter) are required to remain on the forest floor for wildlife habitat and recycling of soil nutrients.  The majority of funds collected from permit sales are directly returned to the forest for continued implementation of this program.

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