With the high temperatures expected this week, officials with Southern California Edison urge power conservation to prevent overloading the system. air_conditioner

Debbie Hess explained that the transmission system is working fine right now but that the recent thunderstorms have led to equipment failures and scattered outages.

As the heat continues, it is possible other equipment might fail because of the very high ongoing usage.

Hess says that SCE has sufficient power resources to meet the electricity demands this week and throughout the summer but adds that if customers work to conserve energy, the effort could lead to an added reserve should an unexpected power emergency occur, like a wildfire or a mechanical problem at a power plant.

Power conservation can be tough on hot days, but Hess says setting your thermostat no lower than 78 degrees helps, as does using a fan rather than A/C if practical.

Plasma TV’s require a lot of juice whether they are off or on. Hess suggests unplugging the plasma screen when you aren’t watching it.

If you are going to use an energy intensive appliance, like a dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, try to do the work in the morning or evening, and when possible, Hess suggests that businesses should shift power intensive work to the morning and evening hours as well.

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