Peace, love and fruitcake


Find those old bell bottoms because it is back to the sixties for this year’s Fruitcake Festival.  Start practicing your dance moves, warm up your vocal cords, or lip synch to your favorite songs from the “Summer of Love”.  Coming to Independence on December 10th is the latest incarnation of the annual Fruitcake Festival, “Peace, Love and Fruitcake”.
Talents that were never seen before were revealed at last year’s Festival.  We’ve got the stage, so bring on your talent.  However, nothing on stage can ever upstage the centerpiece of this celebration, the fruitcake.  Although there may be some of those fruitcakes on stage performing, most of them will be displayed on the long tables in anticipation of their review by seasoned judges that employ mechanical, empirical and philosophical techniques to select fruitcakes in the categories of oldest, travelled the farthest, best of theme, most solids, and judges’ award.
New this year will be the soup kitchen sponsored by the Carson & Colorado Railway.  Five dollars buys you the best bowl of soup you’ve ever had.  Add the free eggnog and slices of fruitcake and you’ve got a complete meal.
This event could rival Woodstock.  Don’t miss it.
To enter the Talent Show or attend the Festival, you must bring a fruitcake or eggnog.
Talent show entry forms are available at
Location:  American Legion Hall, Independence, California
Date and Time:  December 10, 2011 at 6 PM
Telephone number:  760-878-8084
Email Address:  [email protected]

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Friar Tuck
Friar Tuck
9 years ago

Fruitcakes have a special place in my heart. For years we had one that circulated as a re-gifting prank at my place of employment. That was until a tyrant boss was being forced out and the famed fruitcake made its way to his office on his final day at work. He nearly had a coronary and hid behind the closed door to his office, around midday he exited without a word to the staff after 35 years of service. The fruitcake was the coup de grace and it brings a smile to my face when ever I see or hear the word fruitcake.

I met up with the man some years later and he admitted respectfully to the error in his ways. I now know for a fact that fruitcakes serve an important purpose, though it can take years. It just might be the appropriate time to purchase another and revive a tradition.

Thanks for the memories, as I grin like a fruitcake gifting Cheshire Cat!