Crews to pave Wye Road

wyeroadCity of Bishop
Public Works News Release
Wye Road Paving

Paving is expected next Monday and Tuesday on the City of Bishop’s Wye Road Intersection
Improvements project. Impacts to traffic in the area of Wye Road and the Wye Road / Highway
6 intersection are expected to increase during the expected 2 days of paving. Drivers should
avoid the area if at all possible.
The paving operations are expected Monday and Tuesday, 18 and 19 November on Wye Road
on both sides of Highway 6. Work has also begun on a storm drain along Wye Road east to the
Bishop Creek Canal near Spruce Street. Work on the storm drain is expected to continue for
several weeks.

The project is widening the intersection of Wye Road and North Main Street to provide
dedicated turn lanes on Wye Road and to align the lanes across the intersection. Before the
project, traffic continuing straight must share lanes with turning traffic and some traffic crossing
the intersection must make a jog to the left to avoid driving onto the sidewalk of Wye Road. The
purpose of the project is to improve the safety and operation at the intersection and to improve
drainage in the area. Funding for the project has been provided by the Kmart / Vons
development and by Caltrans. The construction contractor on the $500,000 project is Marzano
and Sons of June Lake.

Traffic on North Main Street and on Wye Road can be heavy. That coupled with the fact that
construction involves detours, the project is causing inconvenience and delays. This is especially
true during paving operations. Equipment, workers, and trenches in the road will require
attention. All efforts will be made to minimize the impacts and restrictions, but drivers and
pedestrians should be cautious, take alternate routes when available, be alert for hidden hazards,
and be patient with some inconvenience and delays.
For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works.

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8 years ago

Did you guys get out of your desk for this story?

Benett Kessler
Benett Kessler
8 years ago
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