Patzkowski set for court appearance

On February 17, the Inyo SWAT Team surrounded Patzkowski's home and finally forced him out.

On February 17, the Inyo SWAT Team surrounded Patzkowski’s home and finally forced him out.

The Bishop man who threatened to shoot police if they entered his home, was scheduled for a court appearance Tuesday morning.

According to police, they had to physically force their way into the motorhome of 56-year-old Arnold Patzkowski and take him into custody after hours of a stand-off at Shady Rest Trailer Park in Bishop.

After an earlier dispute with his girlfriend, someone called 911 that day to say Patzkowski may have overdosed on medications. That’s when an ambulance and police arrived at his home. Police said Patzkowski yelled out at them that he had a gun and would shoot them.

Residents of the trailer park and nearby neighborhood were evacuated. A SWAT Team of police and Sheriff’s deputies stood by with AR-15s and bullet-proof vests. Finally, officers threw what they called a pepper ball or chemical agent into the motorhome. When Patzkowski did not come out, officers forced open the door and shot him with a less-lethal bean-bag gun.

He was treated at Northern Inyo Hospital and eventually jailed in Independence. According to Inyo Superior Court, Patzkowski’s court appearance Tuesday is to consider an amended complaint from the District Attorney and for a settlement conference. Currently, Patzkowski faces felony charges of terrorist threats and obstruction of a police officer.

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10 years ago

I think it would only be fair to Arnie to look into his last case with the Bishop P.D. It was dismissed in the name of Justice.

10 years ago

Good luck Arnie,

I hope they lower your charges and you get better soon.