Parking Feud at The Bishop City Council

With homes and commercial property often close together in the City of Bishop, conflicts over parking on city streets boil up from time to time.

On Monday night the Bishop City Council voted against a plan to put in two hour parking limits on Edward Street.

Often times, business owners push for two hour parking because it frees up space for convenient customer parking. In the case up for debate Monday, it was a resident who lives on Edward Street that had asked for the two hour parking.

With the parking spaces in front of her home taken by other people including employees of nearby businesses like Dwaynes Pharmacy, Debi Plewinski had asked the City to consider the two hour parking on Edward Street. I have employee parking in front of my house between 9:00 and 6:00, she said.

Plewinski explained that she had talked to Dwayne Wilson at Dwayne’s Pharmacy about asking his employees not to park in front of her house. She says that worked for a while, but now the situation has, become a feud.

Dwayne Wilson explained that he does not allow his employees to park in the parking lot at the Pharmacy, which leads employees to park on the nearby streets. While Wilson said that restricted parking is good for business, he called the two hour proposal for Edward Street, silly. With no two hour parking in residential neighborhoods anywhere else in Bishop, Wilson thought that this would set a bad precedent as others in town might want to limit parking in front of their homes.

Three other residents of Edward Street spoke against the plan. Public Works Director David Grah explained that the City had sent out 139 surveys to residents and owners on Edward Street. Of the 14 people who filled out surveys, ten wanted to keep the parking the way it is.

In the end the council agreed that no action was the way to go. The parking on Edward will remain unrestricted.

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