Owens River Annual Clean Up in Bishop, Saturday, February 8th.

The Owens River Annual Clean Up in Bishop, California is scheduled for Saturday, February 8th.
Meet 800am, Pleasant Valley Campground at the metal footbridge. Bring gloves. Be prepared to help clean up as much of the river as we can. Bring family and friends! The more people, the cleaner the river!
Coffee and baked goods provided for all volunteers at 800am. Lunch will be provided for all volunteers , 12PM at Pleasant Valley Campground near the dumpster.
There is a free raffle for participants with a lot of swag to be given away! Talk it up. Bring family and friends. This is our chance to annually clean up Bishop’s blue ribbon moving water fishery.
For information call Chris Leonard. 818.288.3271.


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Almost Native
Almost Native
2 years ago

You ever thought about putting a couple of trash cans and outhouses out that way? Criticizing the local stores and our tourists/ fishermen is doing your long term goals a real disservice in my opinion. There are only a few real roads leading into the Owens around here. Besides, the… Read more »

Gary Robert's
Gary Robert's
2 years ago

I picked up 4 empty worm boxes in two days on the river off of line st this week.
Also found tin cans and fishing line.
Let’s all do this!

3 years ago

Hope Looney Bean and BlackSheep send some employees. Last time I was fishing on the river off Line St. I picked up half a dozen of their cups and lids not to mention tons of bottles, cans and styrofoam worm cans. Sad people have to ruin these areas