Oops! Sheriff’s Code Red Implementation “Timing” Upset a Few Mono County Residents

This message came from Sheriff Braun’s office on Facebook as apparently more than a few irate county residents were very upset about the 6:15 am Code Red notification call sent to test the system went out to all that had signed up for it. (Well, it was a Friday the 13th.)

(From the Mono County Sheriff Office Facebook page)
6 am Update: Clearly the administrator from CodeRed / OnSolve made a mistake and set the Test Message Launch for 9 am Eastern instead of Pacific. We sincerely apologize for the early wake-up calls, texts and emails.
*CodeRed will be doing an All Call Campaign*
Tomorrow, November 13, 2020, Mono County, CA will be conducting a performance test of the system at 9:00 am, contacting everyone in Mono County who is currently in the emergency database. Receiving a test message will assure that residents will receive a message when an actual alert is issued by Mono County officials. Residents who have not enrolled to receive emergency CodeRED notifications or did not receive a test message, should immediately visit monosheriff.org website and click on CodeRED, under the resident’s section to enroll.

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2 years ago

I can understand being a little annoyed or irritated with a phone call that early in the morning, but upset and irate?
Maybe you should consider turning your phone off before you go to sleep.
Could be worse, you could have not woken up at all, just sayin.