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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





Bishop high and elementary school district officials have decided to hire one, shared superintendent.

Following the announcement of High School Superintendent Maggie Kingsbury that she would retire in December, high school and elementary school boards met Monday in a closed session to discuss the possibility of shared superintendent services. Thursday, both boards announced that they would vote to appoint current Elementary Superintendent Barry Simpson as the superintendent of the elementary and high schools.

This position would start July 1. This move will save administrative costs and will begin "the process of streamlining and improving curricular and business services between the two districts."

Officials said that current High School Superintendent Maggie Kingsbury will provide a transition for Simpson through August when she will provide part-time services for the district in managing the new high school program at Juvenile Hall and assisting the County Superintendent until her December 31st, 2009 retirement. Board members said Kingsbury has ably served the district for 15 years.