Once sworn in, Hardy will go to work as DA

inyo_courthouse.jpgBishop Attorney Tom Hardy won appointment as Inyo District Attorney on Tuesday. He told Sierra Wave Media that for the next couple of days he would transfer his current legal cases to other attorneys and consult with the Attorney General on prosecution of cases in which he may have been involved. Later this week, Hardy said he will know more about when he will actually be sworn in as DA.

The newly appointed District Attorney said he doesn’t expect his private cases to have much impact on his public service. Hardy did say that he would like to be sworn in early next week and give the citizens his full attention.

Of the questions and appointment process, Hardy said the Supervisors came up with good, well-rounded questions that dealt with things like administrative issues, Assembly Bill 109 and team work.

When asked how he would view communicating with media, Hardy said the DA is an elected official and responsible to the public. He said he would communicate information to the public that he can without harming cases. Hardy said that he will have an obligation to tell the public, and media, what’s going on.

As soon as he is officially sworn in, Hardy will begin his work as DA.


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True Blue
True Blue
10 years ago

It is clear that Tom Hardy is hitting the ground running and is excited about his new job. I believe that the citizens of Inyo County are in for some very positive change in the DAs office.

10 years ago

Well that is a good decision,,We can’t really know what goes on in ones-life unless we walk the trails and path of there life, But I think this is a good Path..I’m so glad Feeling the positive vibes.

Life is good in the Eastern Sierra :):)