maureen_cates_in_1920s_hiking_attireHiking in the Sierra and how folks did it in the old days will be on display this weekend at the Eastern California Museum in Independence.

Four history buffs will be decked out in authentic hiking and camping gear from the early 1900s at this event called, Hot Dog! Its Trail Dust and Duds: Early 20th Century Campsite Gear and Garments and a Camp Cookout.

Museum Director Jon Klusmire explained that the history buffs will also have the type of equipment and gear found in a turn of the century campsite, and guests will be able to enjoy free hot dogs, smores, drinks and stories.

This chance to see how it was done will be held at the Eastern California Museum in Independence this Saturday between 4:00 and 7:00 pm. Admission is free. Call 760-878-0258 for more information.

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