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Press release

Today, Monday, August 22nd, the Bishop Unified Schools headed back into the classrooms for the 2016/2017 school year.

The Bishop Police Department and the Bishop Unified School District would like to remind the public of this event and to remind drivers and parents to be safe
everywhere, but especially near the schools.

Traffic Jams: School will start at 8:15 am every day. If you choose to drive
your child to school on the first day, please be alert and slow down and be
aware of heavy traffic, delays, speed limits, other vehicles, and children
walking and biking to school.

Student Drop Off: The elementary schools and the middle school will have
morning student drop off procedures in place for the start of school. The
drop off procedures are similar at each school.

Drop students off at the elementary schools following their “Valet” program and drop students off at the middle school along Home Street. Following these drop off procedures will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety. Please pay attention to
the signs posted at the schools and keep the flow of traffic moving.

The schools ask parents to drop off children in the designated areas and then
drive through. If for some reason you need to walk your children, please
find an appropriate legal parking space and park your car. Do not park your
car in the “student drop off area.” If you do so, you will delay the rest of the
traffic trying to drop of their children. Be courteous to other drivers,
students, and follow the school rules.

Crossing Guards: There will be many students walking to school and both
drivers and students need to pay attention to crossing guards and follow
their directions.

Drivers need to pay attention when approaching a crosswalk area and look for the crossing guard. All crossing guards will have a red STOP paddle and will place the sign in the air while crossing the street with pedestrians.

The crossing guard is the first to enter the crosswalk and the last one to leave. Whether crossing guards are present or not, drivers should be attentive to all pedestrians crossing the street.

Small children may dart into traffic without even looking. When travelling
through school areas, drivers should anticipate pedestrians and be
prepared to stop everywhere.

Police Patrols: The Police Department will be continuously patrolling the
school areas on the first day of school as well as the entire school year to
help ensure the flow of traffic is moving well and keep the school areas a
safe place.

Officers will conduct high-visibility traffic enforcement in and around school zones for all traffic violations, particularly speeding and cell phone violations, as well as failing to follow instructions of the crossing guards.

For more information contact the Bishop Police Department at 760-873-
5823 and the Bishop Unified School District at 760-872-3680.

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