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Spring and summer outdoor recreation often includes time spent near rivers and streams. With record high snowpack in the Sierra, and the associated snowmelt, waterways are likely to be at full capacity.
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There are serious safety concerns associated with swift water. Consider these precautions for safe and responsible outdoor recreation:
• Stay on established trails or developed areas when you are near waterways
• DO NOT let children or pets in moving water, and keep a close watch on children and pets – even if they are far from water
• River and stream banks can be compromised by extreme erosion – keep a safe distance from these areas
• Wear properly fitting personal floatation for all river activities
• Keep updated on the conditions of your favorite waterways – river and stream condition information may be found at visitor centers and ranger stations
• Avoid slippery rocks and logs near rivers and streams
• Be aware and respectful of posted warning signs – these signs are there for your safety
• Never enter waterways that are upstream from a waterfall
• Stay up to date on local weather conditions
Heavy runoff requires vigilance and extra awareness. Streams and creeks that posed little danger during drought conditions can now be running full and fast. Water may look calm on the surface but heavy currents as well as debris can be a significant risk.
Water Safety is your responsibility, but with some practical preparedness you can enjoy a great season of safe outdoor recreation near local waterways.

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