Officials to review snow/parking district

mainstreetsnowOne of the first phases of improvements to Mammoth’s Main Street is the proposed use of parking and snow management. As a follow-up to approval of the Main Street Plan, officials launched a study on snow management and parking. A report is now done in draft form by the consultants Winter and Company, and officials will discuss it at two meetings Wednesday.

This feasibility study is available on the Town website:

According to the study, the report provides “an overview of the most likely funding and management mechanisms that may be used to implement the Main Street Plan as a whole, as well as specific recommendations for creating a snow management and parking district in the short-term.” The study says Old Mammoth Road and the North Village do have districts in place to manage snow, but Main Street does not. The often large snow berms that pile up on Main Street reduce visibility of businesses and safe access for vehicles. Individual property owners now handle on-site snow independently which, the study says, costs more than necessary.

As for parking, the study gives an overview of parking systems, including funding, management and construction. The study analyzes the costs for providing snow management and parking and revenues that might be generated. The study also points out that adequate parking is an incentive to redevelopment. Shared parking is suggested. On-street parking and parking structures are examined.

The whole Main Street Plan includes a landscaped median while maintaining four lanes, more sidewalks and bike lanes, more outdoor areas for dining and events, and possible movement of businesses closer to the street while eliminating frontage roads. The issues of snow and parking management are first considerations before all of the others.

The Planning and Economic Development Commission scheduled discussion of this feasibility study at their meeting Wednesday at 2pm in Suite Z. The Town Council has scheduled a special meeting for a joint workshop with Planning to discuss the draft report. That meeting is scheduled to start at 4pm Wednesday in Suite Z.


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Ken Warner
Ken Warner
9 years ago

They did such a great job on parking at the Village, “What? Me Worry?” “The Village parking on Minaret Road has always been a pay lot—payment has just not always been enforced.” “It has been irregular,” said Paul Chang, Director of Finance at Intrawest Hospitality Management, which manages the… Read more »