Conway Ranch in October suffered under severe cold in December.

Another casualty of the severe weather last month – Conway Ranch and Alpers Trout.

Tim Alpers confirmed that he lost thousands of trout – both rainbows and Lahontan cutthroats. Two diversions run through the ranch to the hatchery. Alpers and John Frederickson are under contract with Mono County to raise the plantable fish.

At the end of December when snow and severe cold hit, a kind of iceberg formed in the water channel that feeds the hatchery. The water was cut off and Alpers said fish died.

Mono Supervisors say it’s a matter of installation of a pipeline to enclose the water. They will need DWP permission and an easement.

The impact of the trout loss could add up to some 20% of what Conway Ranch stocks in both Mono and Inyo counties. Alpers and others are in search of ways to replace the loss, and meetings with Mono County were expected this week.

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