Officials Consider Security for Courthouse

Metal detector security, x-rays and guards will likely come to the Inyo County Courthouse one day soon. The Judges, the State and local officials have talked with county departments and others about serious security measures at the historic courthouse in Independence.inyo_courthouse

A meeting in January drew out courthouse officials and workers about the prospect of access control limited to one entrance and exit with all of the detection equipment to screen courthouse goers.

Inyo County Administrator Kevin Carunchio recently said that the plans would probably include a metal detector in the foyer of the courthouse with a central checkpoint, an x-ray machine and a guard. Carunchio said he is waiting for a formal request from the State before taking any action. He said the next move will come from the Administrative Office of the Courts. Inyo County and the State now share operation of the courts.

The major change for greater security would be to limit access to one central door possibly the front door. Submission to metal detection and x-rays would follow. Apparently officials would install beefed up security equipment in the Bishop courtroom which already uses some detection equipment.

Carunchio speculated that while we are isolated in the Eastern Sierra, security is important. He said the new system will require people to go through the whole screening thing like an airport. Mono County has used this kind of security measure in courts in Bridgeport and Mammoth lakes for a few years.

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