Official Praise for Northern Inyo Hospital’s Financial Condition

Next year, Bishop will see a brand new hospital building – a major project underway for some time. You can see the progress when you drive down Line St. To add to this major development, a major compliment at a recent hospital board meeting.

Jack Burroughs, Executive Vice President of the Association of California Health Care Districts, traveled to Bishop to attend a Northern Inyo Hospital Board meeting last month. He came all that way to congratulate the hospital officials for remaining in the black, financially.

Burroughs underscored the importance for hospitals to operate in the black, as opposed to in the red. He noted that out of the 49 healthcare districts in California, only a handful succeeded in remaining in the black from overall operations each of the last five years.

Northern Inyo, according to some board members, was noted as one of two hospital districts in the state to keep finances in the black over the last seven years.

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