A way to link existing desert roads in Inyo County to trails, trailheads, and campgrounds – that project now unfolds in all Inyo rhinoadventuretowns and in Sacramento. Dick Noles and Randy Gillespie of Bishop spear-headed the linkage of trail systems for off-highway motor vehicles. They took the idea to every Inyo town several times and now community committees have gone to work to lay out limited routes for ATVs.

The trails already exist but the pending legislation would allow ATV drivers to enter Inyo towns in limited places to access stores and gas stations. Assembly Bill 628, which would create a pilot project in Inyo for this off-road vehicle trail linkage, goes to a vote May 4th.

The CHP, Inyo Sheriff and Caltrans are working together on this project. The Sierra Club has objected to the project. They say the project would eliminate quiet places for the public to enjoy. Noles points to the large number of wilderness acres in Inyo and the need to organize and formalize ATV travel in the county. Noles and Gillespie will speak to the Bishop City Council Monday, April 11th.