Police warn of Medicare scam

bishop_pd300.jpg(Press Release)  The Bishop Police Department would like to make the public aware of a phone scam circling the Bishop area. We have received reports advising the police department that local residents are receiving phone calls from a Medicare representative. A heavy accented speaking male subject tells the caller he is from Medicare and needs the name of the bank they use. If asked why, the representative continues by saying he needs the name of the bank and the banks routing number or else the Medicare card will be cancelled.  If you hang up the phone, they try again to call back and use scare tactics in order to obtain the bank information.

The number the “representative” calls from is no good and you cannot call back. The Bishop Police Department recommends that if you receive this type of call, to never provide any of your personal information over the phone and if you have any concerns regarding your Medicare card to contact the company yourself. There is a number provided on the front of the Medicare card.

“AARP stresses that Medicare employees don’t contact participants through unsolicited calls, emails or visits. They also will not ask for personal identification information unless the senior initiates contact with the agency.” (The Sacramento Bee, March 19th 2013)

There are phone scams occurring in our small area, so please protect your information and never give your information over the phone.

K. Coffman

Public Information Officer


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9 years ago

It would be nice if these jerks would stop preying on these seniors. I think we need to be able to trace these calls without police intervention. If I were to ever find one of these jerks I would tie them up and tow them around on the back of… Read more »

Jose Wong
Jose Wong
9 years ago
Reply to  wow

So once you’ve traced the call to India what are you going to do?