Northern Inyo Hospital’s New Building 44% Complete

The new building at Northern Inyo Hospital, now a familiar site to residents, sits at 44% complete on the exteriors and interior


Plastic shrink-wrap will soon cover the entire structure for winter work.


Project Coordinator for the hospital, Scott Hooker, said that roofing materials were expected to arrive this week and be installed in four to five weeks.

The feature that sounds fascinating involves basically a plastic shrink wrap of the entire, large structure. Hooker explained that this process will help to maintain temperature controls for continued inside work. A special company will come to town for the plastic shrink-wrap process which will also enclose the scaffolding.

In the spring, the plastic will come off and the building will be revealed. Hooker said this process will allow continued work through the winter. Along with work on the main building, crews are busy in the central plant, cement block building. Utilities for the new structure will be housed there.

The new building will provide brand new hospital rooms, a new emergency room and many other new and improved facilities.

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