No chromium-6 in Mammoth water

mammothcreek.jpegOfficials at Mammoth Community Water District point to the latest water quality report for the Mammoth water supply on their website and explained to customers that dangerous chemicals have been a problem in many areas of the nation’s water supply but not in Mammoth Lakes.

In a press release, District officials say that the public was recently reminded of the potential hazards of chromium-6 in the nation’s water supply by a PBS News Hour segment called “Toxic Clout.” Officials also point out that the movie, “Erin Brokovich” brought to light the dangers of chromium-6.

Mammoth Water District officials say that they want customers to know that all of the water supply sources in the community have been specifically checked for chromium-6 and no detectable levels have ever been found.

Officials say that California has the strictest maximum contaminant levels in the nation for total chromium. Chromium-6, they point out, is toxic and known to cause cancer when inhaled and possibly when ingested.

Mammoth Water District monitors surface water supplies annually and groundwater production wells on a three-year schedule. Check out the latest report at

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a government-less society?
a government-less society?
9 years ago

Upthecreek has a problem with government in general. The Tea Party phenomenon is the best at this sort thing. I suppose stereotyping an entire group of people is easier and much faster to deal with. I wonder how upthecreek would like it if there was no government whatsoever? Can you… Read more »

9 years ago

The Sheeple in this country should be more concerned with the Poison/Flouride they are pumping into MOST the nations water supply.

Govt Gone WILD