A few news notes:

In Inyo County, Gerard Harvey, local attorney and previous candidate for Inyo District Attorney, was arrested and jailed overinyo_county_jail the holiday. An Inyo jail spokesman said Harvey was booked on misdemeanor domestic violence and driving under the influence. Harvey posted bail and was out of custody.

In Mammoth Lakes, fire trucks rushed up Main St., red lights and sirens going code 3 around 11:20 Monday morning. Spokesmen at the Fire Department said they were responding to a report of a residential fire. When crews arrived on scene, the spokesperson said, they found it was a small electrical fire that was put out by the people there.

And, in Bridgeport, newly elected Superior Court Judge Mark Magit planned to take the oath of office from Judge Stan Eller. They ceremony was scheduled to take place in the courtroom in Bridgeport at 9am. Newly elected Mono County Supervisor Larry Johnston was expected to take the oath at the same time.

Back in Inyo County, officials elected in November were sworn in Monday. New Supervisor Rick Pucci was set to take his seat on the Inyo Board of Supervisors this morning.

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