New Year’s Assault Continues Through Courts

As the investigation continues into a New Year’s Eve assault case in Bishop, suspects continue through the court system.

It was actually around 1am New Year’s Day behind Rusty’s Saloon in Bishop that officers say Peggy Feigner of Bishop was assaulted, along with her friend Norm Hollis of Mammoth.

Police arrested Jessica Howe for the assault of Feigner. Howe now faces felony charges of battery with great bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon and a special enhancement of great bodily injury. According to the District Attorney’s office, Howe recently appeared in court and is now scheduled for a settlement conference on March 1st.

In recent weeks, the DA also filed a misdemeanor charge against Hollis for making statements that led to an assault. Andrew Warye (pronounced Wear) had also been arrested New Year’s Day for alleged battery against Hollis.

Earlier, officers said that a dispute had developed between Hollis and Howe that contributed to the confrontations. Police allege that Ms. Howe hit Ms. Feigner, knocking her to the ground. Officers said Feigner hit her head, possibly more than once. She was flown out to Renown Hospital in Reno and is now at home in Bishop.

Court proceedings are pending for Warye, Hollis and Howe.


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