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They may not be household names, but members of the new High Sierra Energy Foundation Board of Directors have serious backgrounds and on the ground skills.  Director and Board member Rick Phelps said, “I’m excited by their work ethic and desire to get involved and make renewable energy a reality.  I would describe the new board as a working, hands on board.”


Rick Phelps described his new board as a "working, hands on board."

At a January Mammoth Town Council meeting, Phelps introduced some of the new board and a Southern California Edison representative, Jesse Langley, who congratulated the Town and the Council for accomplishments under the Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative.  He challenged local government to keep it up.

Phelps said that HSEF and SCE carried out a small business direct installation program last year that amounted to $300,000 in electrical retrofits in 234 businesses.  He said the program will continue to create an $82,000 savings per year.  Edison’s Langley challenged local government to keep up the good energy efficiency work.  “It’s an economic benefit,” he said, “and reduces your carbon footprint.”  Councilman Skip Harvey said the program reduced his business’s energy bill by 20 to 25%.

Following is the recent press release on High Sierra Energy Foundation’s new board:

Contact:  Rick Phelps 760-934-4650; [email protected]


MAMMOTH LAKES, CA – Robert Creasy, Naomi Garcia, Martin Kleinbard and Don Zeleny are joining Rick Phelps on the Board of the High Sierra Energy Foundation.  The new Board met for the first time on January 25th and began to develop new initiatives for 2012.

Robert, Mammoth Lakes architect, Don, a retired physicist and electronics engineer, and Naomi Garcia, an environmental consultant and scientist, will work with Executive Director Rick Phelps to develop education activities that build and expand on the success of the High Sierra Energy Summits of 2007 and 2008.  Additionally, Don and Martin, the owner of Mammoth Sierra Electric that has served the Eastern Sierras for over 10 years, will help lead HSEF’s efforts in energy efficiency and the ongoing partnership with Southern California Edison.  Naomi, working with Martin, will also pursue renewable ideas that better fit with regional resources, including siting and planning policies.

“Our previous board was the inspiration for the High Sierra Energy Foundation and helped lead us through our first five years.  Our new board provides the creative energy and the momentum for the future,” commented Phelps.

Directors are available for follow up interviews, as follows:

Robert Creasy (760) 937-2600

Naomi Garcia (760) 937-0097

Martin Kleinbard (760) 934-6977

Rick Phelps (760) 258-6704

Don Zeleny (760) 934-2294

The High Sierra Energy Foundation is a nonprofit corporation supported by individuals and businesses in the Eastern Sierra.  The mission of the Foundation is to promote and develop energy efficiency and renewable resources in the Eastern Sierra.  For more information, visit the website at www.highsierraenergy.org.

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