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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





With the economy in its own downhill slide, Mammoth officials want to make sure they don't miss the upswing.

A point of contention in the past with developers – impact fees and projects required by town government. At their recent meeting, the Town Council heard about some ideas to encourage developers and still get what the community needs.

Deputy Town Manager Karen Johnston told the Council that staff is re-analyzing how to fund capital projects and which ones developers should handle. Johnston explained that in the future the Town could charge developer impact fees for specific projects that would mitigate actual impacts created by a project.

Officials will also watch how they come up with the town government budget for next fiscal year, with stabilization of the local economy high on the list. Officials have worked on strategies for the economy and on better business relationships in town.

Town staff continues to work on information about the type of benefits community members want to see from future developers. Part of this idea includes a heads up for developers before they get into a project.

The current strategies could be summed up to say that Town officials want to create a stable economy, meet developers half way on their needs and still get facilities and benefits that the town's people want.