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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Monday night the Bishop City Council voted to move ahead with negotiations to possibly buy the Verizon building on Lagoon Street to remodel into a new police station.

Past Grand Jury reports have said that the current police station is inadequate and while nothing is yet set in stone, there have been talks with Verizon about buying the property on Lagoon St.

Another option would be to remodel the existing police station on Line Street, but any remodel project on a police or fire station legally triggers a massive seismic retro fit process. Buying the Verizon Building would be twice as much space as the Police currently have at the Station on Line Street.

City Administrator Rick Pucci explained that the council has not decided to buy the building yet. What the council did approve was further negotiations with Verizon to see how much the building would cost and to get additional details regarding a possible deal.