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Eastern Sierra News for July 24, 2024





In 2008, more new rules. We already told you that this week, if you light up behind the wheel with kids in the car, this could mean a $100 fine.

Besides more crack-downs on smoking, the second increase in a year in the minimum wage goes into effect. The hourly pay has gone up by 50 cents to $8 per hour.

More new rules – the California Energy Commission has until the end of the year to develop tougher efficiency standards for general purpose lights. This same bill includes a subsidy program to encourage installation of solar water heaters.

Another new bill requires cities and counties to designate areas where shelters can be located without obtaining a conditional use permit. Here’s a weird one – a new law now prohibits an employer or anyone else from requiring a person to have a radio frequency identification device inserted under the skin. These devices, about the size of a rice grain, can be used to track and transmit personal information about the user.

A new bill now requires cities and counties to consider potential flooding when approving new development.

A new law prevents cities and counties from requiring landlords to obtain and report the immigration status of their tenants.

Ever lose your car key and have too pay big for a new one? No more. Senate Bill 1542 says Automakers must provide the key codes necessary for a licensed and registered locksmith to make a replacement key for cars sold or leased in California.

It’s now illegal to sell or use a product that impairs the recognition of a license plate by an electronic device operated by police.

Can you pump as much gas in the summer as winter? A new law has required a study to find out if motorists are cheated in hot weather.

There is much, much more, but these are ones you may encounter in daily life.

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