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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024





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Northern Inyo Hospital (NIH) added a new Pediatrician to its children’s health team this week. Dr. Louisa Salisbury arrived for orientation and will begin seeing patients the week of August 17.
A native Californian, Salisbury comes to NIH by way of New England. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine and completed her Pediatrics training at Boston’s Tufts Medical Center.


Dr. Louisa Salisbury

Pediatrics is a natural fit for Salisbury, who cannot recall a time when she wasn’t interested in working with children. “Children are just the best – they want to get better, they want to get back to playing and they are so resilient,” she said. “Plus there’s the added perks of getting to know their families and watching them grow up.”
Salisbury is passionate about preventive pediatric care and believes strongly in the health benefits of an active lifestyle. She personally enjoys biking, hiking, skiing and climbing, and hopes her patients will turn playtime into a lifestyle choice as adults.
“We have the opportunity to take care of these children before a lot of life’s problems come along,” Salisbury explained. “We need to always be thinking about how we can keep them their healthiest, keep them their happiest and prevent serious health issues from occurring later on.”

She also firmly believes “it takes a village” to help children become healthy, happy individuals who can reach their full potential. “I get the sense everyone here is invested in the community and that’s a real positive atmosphere for children to grow up in,” she said.
Is there any advice she has for parents to help improve their child’s overall health and development? “Have children involved in an activity where they can feel a sense of accomplishment,” she said. “Have something outside of school, an extracurricular activity, where they are making friends, learning a skill and developing a sense of identity outside of school. This is especially important before they get into the pre-teen years where there are a lot of social stressors. These activities teach children confidence, structure and discipline. It gives them a good foundation for their future.”

As for her future, Dr. Salisbury joins Dr. Charlotte Helvie, MD, and Colleen McEvoy, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, at Bishop Pediatrics & Allergy, located in the Pioneer Medical Building on the Northern Inyo Hospital campus, 152 Pioneer Lane #H, Bishop. Appointments can be made at (760) 873-6373.