Shake-up of management at Bishop Care Center

bishop_care_center.jpgLast week, reliable, off-the-record sources revealed that the top three managers at Bishop Care Center no longer work there. We contacted corporate headquarters, the Plum Company, and were promised an executive would get back to us. That never happened.

We called the center itself where a man named Christian Marcheschi  said he was “helping out with administration.” He asked me to email to him my questions. I asked him why top management was no longer there and who is running the facility? I asked if there is any type of investigation?

Marcheschi’s reply was this: “Thank you for reaching out to me. It’s natural for organizations to have shifts in leadership from time to time. Bishop Care Center has proudly served the residents of Bishop and surrounding areas for years and is excited to continue providing the round-the-clock skilled nursing care that residents need.” Marcheschi made it clear that he was answering for corporate headquarters. He declined to answer any of my specific questions about the departure of the former Administrator, Director of Nursing and one more top level manager.

Marcheschi finally said, “I am the licensed Administrator for the facility and we have a wonderful new Director of Nursing as well. We are excited to continue providing excellent care to our wonderful patients.”

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7 years ago

I’ve heard the same thing, “on the street”, and that former employees are very glad the changes have occurred and may consider re-applying for jobs at BCC.