NIH press release

Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are often facing the greatest challenge of their lives. Care providers at Northern Inyo Hospital’s newly expanded Infusion Center plan to do everything they can to make the experience as comfortable as possible.


The Northern Inyo Hospital Foundation in the new Infusion Center, from left to right, Executive Director Greg Bissonette, board members Caddy Jackson, Carole Wade, Ken Partridge, Foundation President Jack England, board members Dr. Richard Meredick, Debbie Core and Pete Watercott. Not shown: Board members Mary Mae Kilpatrick and Kay O’Brien. Photo by Barbara Laughon/Northern Inyo Hospital

Recently relocated into a larger space within the older main hospital, the expanded facility will open for service Monday, Aug. 24 at 8 a.m.

Infusion patients with scheduled appointments for Aug. 24 are asked to park in front of the hospital’s West Line Street entrance and check in with Central Registration in the main lobby. They will then be escorted to the new location.

The new Infusion Center features five private treatment bays furnished with large reclining chairs and wall mounted televisions. Adjustable gurneys are also available for those preferring to lie down. For those seeking a more social setting, the bays are large enough to allow some family or friends to sit with the patients and chat or watch television together.

The new center also provides a comfortable, modern treatment area for patients receiving other treatments including outpatient Blood Transfusions, Antibiotic Therapy and Eye Laser Treatment.

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the facility is a simple, yet elegant, silver bell, donated by the Northern Inyo Hospital Auxiliary. Those completing their therapy may ring the bell, a symbolic end to an often life-changing journey.

Hospital employees and members of the public got a sneak peek at the new facility last week during separate receptions. The public reception, hosted by the Northern Inyo Hospital Foundation, drew about 50 people to the facility.

NIH Foundation President Jack England and Hospital CEO Victoria Alexander-Lane greeted visitors as they arrived. Mini-tours of the facility revealed a well-thought out patient-centered operation, overseen by Ann Wagoner, Director of Nursing – Perioperative Services, her nursing team and Chief Nursing Officer Kathy Decker.

The Northern Inyo Hospital Foundation Board of Directors includes Jack England, Kay O’Brien, Mary Mae Kilpatrick, Debbie Core, Pete Watercott, Ken Partridge, Caddy Jackson, Carole Wade, and Dr. Richard Meredick. The Foundation’s Executive Director is Greg Bissonette.

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