For weather hounds out there, Sierra Waves weather forecaster, Dennis Mattinson, has his own website with live up-to-date conditions and accurate forecasts. Unlike most forecasters, Mattinson lives and works in the Owens Valley. mattinson_web

Mattinson says his site is, all about weather in the Eastern Sierra, from Bridgeport to Keeler. Temperature, wind, and barometric pressure, and other readings for Independence and Bishop are updated every five seconds. You can also track daily PM-10 dust numbers for the Owens Valley.

Mattinson is a careful forecaster, who predicts out a week in advance, but also puts out what he describes as an accurate, two day forecast. This one stop shop weather forecast website, also has links to webcams that show live conditions from Mt. Whitney to Crowley and June Lake along with Lee Vining and others.

National Weather Service forecasts for our area come out of Reno for the northern Eastern Sierra and Las Vegas for the southern areas. Mattinsons forecasts add local knowledge. The National Weather Service has the best up-to-date information, Mattinson says, but he adds, my forecast will always be different from the NWS because I live here.

The website is

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